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Laminate Care & Maintenance

Follow our laminate care & maintenance guide to ensure that your laminate looks its best for years to come. 

Daily Laminate Care

When it comes to caring for your laminate on a daily basis the process is quite simple. By sweeping, dusting, and working to eliminate dirt/dust from congregating on your laminate, you can help ensure that your flooring always maintains its luster. Learn more about basic laminate care & maintenance in our guide below. 

Laminate Care & Maintenance | America's Carpet Outlet
Preventative Laminate Flooring Care | America's Carpet Outlet


With laminate, you can keep your floors beautiful and in great condition by sweeping about once a day. When it comes to spills or other messes, wipe them up as soon as they occur to prevent damage. Laminate is a low-maintenance flooring option for homeowners. 

Laminate Flooring Spills | America's Carpet Outlet


If you spill a liquid on your laminate floors, simply wipe the liquid up in a timely manner. Doing so should prevent damage. If you wait, the substance could damage your laminate and subflooring. If you find that your spill persists, contact your floor manufacturer for an approved cleaning solution. 


Mopping Laminate Flooring | America's Carpet Outlet


For a more intense cleaning option, consider mopping your laminate floors. Mopping will enable you to remove dirt from those hard-to-reach places while also eliminating any bacteria that might be present. For mopping solutions, consult your manufacturer. 

Can You Stain

Laminate Flooring?

By acting fast when spills occur, you can help to eliminate the chances of your laminate floor staining. Unlike carpet, laminate is not vulnerable to stains so long as you address spills quickly.