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Vinyl Care & Maintenance

With the help of our luxury vinyl care & maintenance guide, you can help guarantee that your floors age well. 

Daily Vinyl Care

Luxury vinyl care & maintenance is a relatively simple task. By sweeping, dusting, and working to eliminate dirt/dust, you can help ensure that your vinyl always looks great. Basic preventative maintenance will go a long way in keeping your vinyl looking its best. Start by investing in a quality broom so that you can help keep your floors clean on a daily basis.

Learn more about basic vinyl care & maintenance in our guide below.

Vinyl Floor Daily Care | America's Carpet Outlet
Preventative Vinyl Care | America's Carpet Outlet


When it comes to daily care & maintenance for your vinyl floors, the process is incredibly easy. Simply by establishing a basic plan for maintaining your floors, you can help to ensure that they always look pristine. With daily sweeping and dusting, you can help prevent dirt from gathering on your floors. 

Waterproof Vinyl Floors | America's Carpet Outlet


Vinyl flooring typically has waterproof resistant properties, but that doesn't mean that when a spill occurs that you shouldn't address it immediately. When accidents happen on your vinyl floors, grab a towel or cloth and absorb the substance immediately to prevent potential damage to the subflooring. 

Vinyl Liquid Spills | America's Carpet Outlet


Spills and stains aren't much cause for concern on luxury vinyl flooring so long as you act fast. Unlike carpet, vinyl features water-resistant properties, meaning that as long as you absorb the spill with a towel or cloth after it takes place, no long-term damage or staining will occur. 

What to do with those

Hard To Clean Stains?